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Different types of natural feed additives and their specific uses in animal nutrition

Feed additives are products are that are used in animal nutrition in order to improve the quality of feed and the quality of produce from the animal. Feed additives also help boost the overall health of animals and enhance their productivity. There are four main types of feed additives: Sensory Additives: These additives stimulate the […]

Biosensors and their utility in animal disease diagnostics

Globally, infectious diseases are the leading cause of mortality in man and animals. Infectious diseases of both domestic and wildlife pose a serious health risk to humans as exhibited by the current ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. These infectious diseases can be of zoonotic origin affecting not only human health, but also, animal health and production. Such […]

Respiratory infection in domestic animals and its management

The most common respiratory diseases in domestic animals are Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) in cattle and heaves in horses. CRD is a general term for respiratory disease in cattle caused by a range of factors, singly or in combination. A major cause of economic losses, BRD affects the lower respiratory tract/lungs (pneumonia) or upper respiratory […]

Vices in domestic animals and their remedies

Undesirable quality or bad habits shown by the animals are called vices of animals. Degree of these undesirable qualities vary individually. Sometimes these vices are dangerous either to owner or to the animal. Types of vices in animals Eye rolling, licking, sucking, intersuckling calves, intersuckling by adults, wool pulling, wool eating, head rubbing, kicking and […]

Management of skin diseases in farm animals

Skin diseases in farm animals are mainly due to bacterial, viral or fungal infection. Endocrine skin diseases , tumor conditions , nutritional skin disease and skin condition due to poisoning are also common in animals. Skin condition where pus formation occurs are mainly due to bacterial infection. Parasitic skin diseases are mainly due to ticks, […]

How to take care of farm animals during rainy season?

In India, the agricultural sector still prevails heavily. The livestock sector contributes 4.11% GDP and 25.6% of total Agriculture GDP. Thus, livestock has become an integral part of the agricultural sector. However, livestock includes protecting animals from the weather and environment to maintain productivity. It is important to provide shelter to the animals from heavy […]