About Us

Natural Remedies is the leading herbal healthcare company in India. We manufacture and market top quality herbal veterinary and human healthcare products. Our healthcare products are GMP and Kosher certified.

In 25 years of its existence, Natural Remedies has successfully carved its own niche in the Indian market as the No.1 Herbal Veterinary Healthcare Company.

Striving to be the best version of ourselves is at the heart of our team vision and each milestone accomplished inspires us to broaden our horizons and aim higher each time.

New spring blooms

Our brand identity is an expression of 'Creating Happiness by Winning Together'. It brings alive our spirit of collaboration for a happier and better world. It brings together positivity, hope and the willingness to do more in order to create a harmonious balance between nature and science. This identity reflects our brand's innovativeness and warmth and its simplicity works to create a universal appeal.

The mission to 'Create Happiness' in all aspects inspires us to constantly improve our capabilities and solutions. Because for us, happiness for all is the ultimate destination for the success of our business and brand.

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Shri. Ravindra Kumar Agarwal

“Life is all the choices you make, and if your choice is based on profound interest, success is not a distant object”.

Shri R.K. Agarwal started his career in his early teens and remains an embodiment for the above said quote. His keen interest in understanding the benefits of herbs to animals and mankind resulted in what is known today as Natural Remedies Pvt. Ltd.

Armed with a strong scientific temperament, meager resources at hand and a will to succeed, he experimented with blending traditional knowledge with modern science. With persistent effort and the development of some very effective herbal combinations later, he helped lay the foundations of the company which has now become 30 million dollar enterprise.

Over five decades, Mr. Agarwal gained extensive knowledge on the medicinal herbs of India and their prudent use in restoring health. He was passionate about developing effective and consistent herbal products with delivering good value for money.

As an office bearer of various important associations, Shri. R K Agarwal has been a visionary and a spokesperson for the herbal industry. A few key positions he held include:

  • Member: Vision Group on Biotechnology, Govt. of Karnataka
  • Member: Shellac and Forest Products Export Promotion Council (SHEFEXIL)
  • Chairman: Expert Committee on promotion of Indian System of Medicine using Biotechnology, Govt. of Karnataka
  • President: Association of Veerasandra Industries
  • Ex-Vice President (South India): Ayurvedic Drug Manufacturers Association of India (ADMA)
  • Ex-President: Karnataka Indian Medicine Manufacturers' Association (KIMMA)

Anurag Agarwal

A self-taught inspirational leader and staunch believer in our values, Anurag Agarwal serves as the Managing Director and CEO at Natural Remedies. With almost 30 years of experience, he has been central to the company’s tenfold growth over the past decade.

Anurag believes in leading by example and has driven an innovation based mind-set in the company leading to the launch of several unique and successful products in the animal and human healthcare sectors.

While his contribution to the firm is integral to our success, it is his ability to stay grounded and humble that makes him hugely popular with both employees and customers.

K N Reddy

AVP- Global Sales – Animal Health

An expert Animal Health professional, Mr. Reddy has 25 years of experience and leads the veterinary division with consistent CAGR growth as business head. A master strategist, he started his career in Natural Remedies as a front-line sales professional and rose through the ranks to reach his current position.

Vrajesh Jha

Head – Marketing

An expert marketing professional with global experience, Mr. Jha is a multi-industry marketing specialist across the Food, FMCG, B2B, Consumer Health & Pharma sectors. He leads the go-to market strategies for Natural Remedies global business, along with corporate brand building initiatives.

Prashanth D’Souza

Head – R & D - Animal Health

An expert in Natural Remedies, Prashanth spearheads new product development for animal health at Natural Remedies. A master creator, he has been responsible for the development of some of the best in class products for us. With a PostGraduate degree in Life Sciences, he has over 30 research papers to his credit.

Baskar Varadhan

Head – Human Resources

With 25 years of global experience in Workforce management and Organizational Development, Baskar specializes in People Transformation Strategy and Culture building initiatives at Natural Remedies.

B. Murali

Head – Quality & Regulatory

An expert in Quality Management systems, Murali has over 3 decades of experience in Analytical Chemistry, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Regulatory. He heads the Quality & Regulatory departments at Natural Remedies and has been with us for more than 20 years.

Rajesh Jade

Head – Product Supply organization & IT

An Operations Management specialist, Rajesh heads Supply Chain, Operations and IT. He has been instrumental in transforming our operations by strengthening the Product Supply organization, consolidation of manufacturing systems, and process optimization across spheres.

Venkatakrishnan Parthasarathy

Chief Financial Officer

Fondly known as Venky, our CFO spearheads Natural Remedies financial management and investment strategies. An expert in the field of corporate finance and operations, he handles and drives various financial initiatives and Opex management measures for us.

Deepak Mundkinajeddu

AGM – Research & Development

Deepak contributes to the product development efforts in R&D at Natural Remedies. He comes with two decades of experience in different aspects of natural product research. Currently, he also leads the human health business division and integrates the R&D capabilities with global market needs for the team.

I adapt with pride

Adapt the best solutions and customise them to our needs to achieve the desired results.

I am a General inside, Soldier outside

Discussion of issues are encouraged before arriving at a final decision. We believe in collective wisdom being better than individual opinions.

I will not let the grass grow under my feet

Procrastination is discouraged, and we work tirelessly towards achieving our set goals.

I always walk the talk

Actions speak louder than words and inspire trust in our brand and its products.

I always speak my mind with respect

Expression of opinion is encouraged in our discussions. Any contributions made are positive, diligent and respectful.

I win customers with stellar processes

Aim to exceed expectations by adopting a strong process-oriented strategy that leads delighted customers into recommending us.

I offer and seek help

Be a strong advocate of teamwork, and support each other to produce high-quality output for the entire organization.

I always aim higher

Commit to raising the bar with every achievement and do not settle for mediocrity.

I celebrate team victories

Participate wholeheartedly in celebrating the success of others, as well as the habits that lead to successful outcomes.

I always live in line with our Vision, Values and Strategic Priorities

Under all circumstances, strive to work in alignment with the team’s vision. Whenever in doubt, this vision takes priority over all else.