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Stodi - Poultry Gut Health, Animal Nutrition & Health Product for Poultry

Stodi ®

STODI is a standardised botanical powder that reduces wet-droppings and improves gut integrity. STODI also secures growth and has a positive impact on the environment. STODI reduces ammonia production and fly population through its unique action of reducing wet litter condition.

STODI has a synergistic combination of phytoconstituents like Andrographolide, Punicalagins and other Ellagitannins and Polyphenols from selected herbs. STODI also has been proven to improve gut microbiota through Metagenomics studies and also to improve gut immunity through studies on GALT surface area.

Scientifically validated with OMICS technologies.

Available in

  • 25 kg

Target Species

  • Broilers


  • Layers


  • Breeders


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