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Kolin PlusTM

KOLIN PLUS is a Standardized Botanical Powder from Natural Remedies (NR-SBP). KOLIN PLUS is proven for better fat mobilization, fat metabolism and optimum muscle growth. KOLIN PLUS is a greener alternative for choline chloride.

Fat Mobilisation
KOLIN PLUS reduces the abdominal fat and liver fat level. It also reduces the elevated transaminase level in the blood by maintain the health of liver.

Fat Metabolism
KOLIN PLUS inhibits the Catechol O Methyl Transferase (COMT) enzyme and optimizes the catecholamine level for better fat metabolism.

Muscle Growth
KOLIN PLUS optimises the body weight, FCR and dressing % in choline deficient diet.

Scientifically validated with OMICS technologies.

Available in

  • 25 kg

Target Species

  • Broilers


  • Layers


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