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How to Choose the Right Calcium Supplement for Your Cows

If you are a dairy farmer or livestock owner, you know that ensuring that your cattle is in good health takes precedence over everything. Calcium is one of the most important minerals to maintain the health and welfare of your cattle. Calcium also plays an important role in optimizing milk production in cows. Before we […]

Different types of natural feed additives and their specific uses in animal nutrition

Feed additives are products are that are used in animal nutrition in order to improve the quality of feed and the quality of produce from the animal. Feed additives also help boost the overall health of animals and enhance their productivity. There are four main types of feed additives: Sensory Additives: These additives stimulate the […]

Growth Promoters for Poultry Animals: How do they work?

In the past few years, there has been a substantial growth in the poultry industry, thanks to several growth promoting strategies and appropriate disease preventive and control measures among the flocks. Growth promoters are substances that are used by farmers and livestock owners with the intent of promoting growth, boosting overall efficiency, improving feed conversion […]

Artificial insemination in farm animals

Artificial insemination (AI) is the introduction of male reproductive cells into the female reproductive tract by an artificial means. A.I. is primarily an economical measure in that fewer bulls are required and maximum use can be made of the best sire. Advantages of A.I AI has following advantages Increases the usefulness of superior sire to […]

How to prevent and reduce heat stress in poultry

Just the way humans are susceptible to heat stroke during hot climatic conditions, livestock also face extreme exhaustion due to heat, known as heat stress. High environmental temperatures are one of the most common causes of heat stress. In a bird, heat stress occurs when the core body temperature increases to extreme levels due to […]

Biosensors and their utility in animal disease diagnostics

Globally, infectious diseases are the leading cause of mortality in man and animals. Infectious diseases of both domestic and wildlife pose a serious health risk to humans as exhibited by the current ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. These infectious diseases can be of zoonotic origin affecting not only human health, but also, animal health and production. Such […]

Respiratory infection in domestic animals and its management

The most common respiratory diseases in domestic animals are Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) in cattle and heaves in horses. CRD is a general term for respiratory disease in cattle caused by a range of factors, singly or in combination. A major cause of economic losses, BRD affects the lower respiratory tract/lungs (pneumonia) or upper respiratory […]

Natural remedies for viral infection in poultry and farm animals

The use of plants as traditional medicine against viral diseases in the production of animals have been described and practiced worldwide. Common herbal extracts are used as antiviral agents in treating or preventing virus diseases of farm animals such as poultry, swine, and ruminants. Some of the common viral infections and natural remedies for their […]